Thank you for considering me to officiate your wedding!

Savannah wedding ceremonies filled with laughter

This is a quick summary of how our availability works. 

The most popular months to be married in Savannah are April, May, October and November and those months book up more quickly than others. During popular months, I often officiate 30+ weddings a month. Prime weekends and times of day are often booked six months in advance and we generally close our October calendar about 90 days early because we receive so many requests!

Below is a calendar that shows the weddings we have booked for specific dates and times. We have three officiants (me and two partners), so unless you see a time listed 3 times for a specific time and date, we may still have an officiant available for you. Send us note via my contact form and my assistant can confirm our availability for you quickly.

This availability does not apply to Simple Signing Services. Simple Signing Services take place during the week and are booked directly via our online calendar. 

Finally, I will book my services up to a year in advance, or further out than that if you have a contract with a venue.

I offer multiple wedding ceremony packages that fit all sorts of couples’ budgets and preferences. Let us know how we can help you decide on the best package for you!

Contact me today to book your ceremony!