Thank you for considering me to officiate your wedding!

This is a quick summary of my availability for 2017. I’ll try my best to keep it updated.

The most popular months to be married in Savannah are April, May, October and November and those months book up more quickly than others. During popular months, I often officiate 30+ weddings a month. In May 2016, I officiated over 50 weddings. We closed our October 2016 calendar a month in advance because we had too many requests!

The dates and times listed below are times when I am definitely NOT available to perform weddings. This could be because I am already booked for that day, plan to be on vacation, or know I’ll be working on another project.

If a date is not listed here, I am LIKELY available for at least one wedding on that day, though it may be only be at specific times. Send me note via my contact form and I can confirm my availability for you quickly.

I also have partner officiants who perform ceremonies when I am booked as some dates are very popular. The ceremonies are written by me and I will handle all your account matters.  Please let us know that you are requesting a partner officiant if you are inquiring about a date where I am already booked. You can read about my partner officiants.

I personally do not officiate ceremonies on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but my Partner Officiants do.

This availability page does NOT pertain to Simple Signing Services. Signing Services take place during the week and cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance of your date. 

Finally, I will book my services up to a year in advance or further out than that if you have a contract with a venue.

I offer multiple wedding ceremony packages that fit all sorts of couples’ budgets and preferences. I also offer a 10% discount for couples who book their package at least 90 days in advance.

Savannah wedding ceremonies filled with laughter



Dates Booked

APRIL 2017

  • April 1   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • April 2   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • April 3   BOOKED FROM 4PM
  • April 4   BOOKED FROM 4PM
  • April 5   BOOKED FROM 5:15PM
  • April 6   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • April 7   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • April 8   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • April 10   BOOKED FROM 2PM
  • April 12   BOOKED FROM 5:30PM
  • April 14   BOOKED FROM 2PM
  • April 15   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • April 22   BOOKED FROM 11AM to 3PM
  • April 26   BOOKED FROM 10 AM to 12:30PM
  • April 28   BOOKED FROM 4:30PM
  • April 29   BOOKED FROM 5PM

MAY 2017

  • May 3   BOOKED FROM 11:30AM
  • May 4  BOOKED FROM 4PM
  • May 5  BOOKED FROM 5PM
  • May 6   BOOKED FROM 4PM
  • May 7   BOOKED FROM 12PM to 2PM
  • May 12  BOOKED FROM 10:30AM to 12PM and FROM 4:30PM
  • May 13  BOOKED FROM 5PM
  • May 15   BOOKED FROM 3PM
  • May 17   BOOKED FROM 10:30AM to 12PM
  • May 19   BOOKED FROM 10:30AM to 12PM and FROM 4:30PM
  • May 20  BOOKED FROM FROM 4:30PM
  • May 22   BOOKED FROM 10AM to 12PM
  • May 24   BOOKED FROM 6PM
  • May 26   BOOKED FROM 3PM to 5PM
  • May 27   BOOKED FROM 2PM
  • May 28   BOOKED FROM 3PM

JUNE 2017

  • June 2  BOOKED FROM 5PM
  • June 3-4  UNAVAILABLE
  • June 10   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • June 16   BOOKED FROM 5PM
  • June 17   BOOKED FROM 5:30PM
  • June 21   BOOKED UNTIL 11AM
  • June 24   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • June 25   BOOKED FROM 4pM

JULY 2017

  • July 7   BOOKED FROM 1PM to 4PM
  • July 8-9  UNAVAILABLE
  • July 11   BOOKED FROM 5PM
  • July 18  BOOKED FROM 11AM to 1PM
  • July 12   BOOKED FROM 2PM


I will not be officiating weddings in August 2017 but my partner officiants will be available. Chris and Buffy already have 5 August dates booked.


  • September 1-4   UNAVAILABLE
  • September 5   BOOKED FROM 1PM to 3:30PM
  • September 7   BOOKED FROM 10AM to 12:30PM
  • September 14   BOOKED FROM 5:00PM
  • September 15   BOOKED FROM 1PM to 3PM
  • September 23  BOOKED FROM 3:30PM to 5:30PM


  • October 6  BOOKED from 3PM
  • October 7   BOOKED FROM 2:00PM 
  • October 11  BOOKED FROM 1PM
  • October 13   BOOKED ALL DAY
  • October 14   BOOKED FROM 5PM
  • October 20   BOOKED FROM 2PM
  • October 21   BOOKED ALL DAY


  • November 12   BOOKED ALL DAY


  • December 23-25 UNAVAILABLE

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