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Surrounded by beautiful trees or the ocean, we are excited to now offer our signature elopement packages that we made famous in Savannah in Hilton Head Island & Beaufort County, South Carolina!

Whether  you are local to the Southeast, or a visitor to the coast, our  Ceremony Only and Ceremony + Photography packages are perfect for your intimate elopement experience on the beach of Hilton Head or mossy parks in the surrounding South Carolina county.
Let our team prepare your ceremony, make your day special, and photograph your love in stunning pictures!

Ceremony Only Options

Our Ceremony Only packages include a service that meets the legal requirements needed to be married, guidance on obtaining a marriage license, completion of the legal paperwork, and unlimited email consultations with our team. With our Ceremony Only packages, we officiate ceremonies at the event that you organize and location you secure.
In South Carolina, we offer all of our Ceremony Only options, depending on your preferences. You can read full descriptions of each package on our frequently asked questions page.

I just want my license signed.

Best Package:

Simple Signing Service

Weekend Weekday

I am looking for a simple ceremony.

Best Package:

Tracy’s Choice

Weekend Weekday

I need a personalized ceremony, possibly with rituals or readings.

Best Package:

Choose Your Own Adventure

Weekend Weekday

I’d like a unique ceremony and a close partnership with my officiant.

Best Package:

Create Your Story

Weekend Weekday

Ceremony + Photography Options

We are pleased to offer our popular elopement options in Hilton Head and Beaufort, too!
Each ceremony package comes with an online digital gallery of professionally edited photos that you can use to view, share, download, and print your pictures from, within two weeks of your ceremony.

The Popup Elopement Package

(0 to 6 guests)


Weekday Only
  • A pre-written ceremony
  • A short, mini-portrait session with the couple in the same location as the ceremony.
  • An online digital gallery of professionally edited photos from your time together (about 20-25 minutes total) that you can use to view, share, download, and print your pictures from within two weeks of your ceremony.
  • Unlimited email consultations leading up to your wedding day to answer any questions you have about your ceremony and visit.
  • Optional ceremony customization and concierge add-ons.


The Hilton Head Elopement Experience

(0 to 10 guests)


Weekend Weekday
  • A personalized ceremony that includes any special elements you’d like, such as requested readings or rituals.
  • A newlywed photoshoot immediately following your ceremony (one hour total of photography).
  • An online digital gallery of professionally edited photos from our one hour together that you can use to view, share, download, and print your pictures from within two weeks of your ceremony.
  • A Client Concierge to take care of your elopement to-do items like booking hair and makeup, arranging dinner reservations, ordering your bouquet, and many other related tasks.
  • Unlimited email consultations leading up to your wedding day to answer any questions you have about your ceremony and visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

South Carolina law requires that both people getting married apply together at their local probate court, and pick up their marriage license 24 hours after application. You will need to make an appointment and bring your government ID & social security number. We have more detailed instructions on our marriage license page. If the 24 hour waiting period does not work for your travel plans, Georgia does not have a waiting period and we offer these same packages in Savannah, an hour away from Hilton Head.

Our guest counts and ceremony & photography time cannot be changed for Hilton Head or Beaufort County. We hope to offer larger packages, like we do in Savannah, in the coming months.

We cover the ceremony preparation and delivery, assist you with selecting and contracting with vendors for other services, and provide an hour of photography.

The following are a list of tasks that we are often asked to help with, though not everyone books every service. You’ll pay each vendor for the service you book, meaning the actual services (the permit, the bouquet, etc.) are not included in our price.

  • Securing location permits
  • Researching lodging
  • Making dinner reservations
  • Booking hair and makeup artists, musicians and videographers
  • Ordering flowers and cakes

You DO need a permit to be married in most locations, including the beach on Hilton Head, though it is free. Some parks have small fees. We can help with these permits.

We do charge travel fees for locations that require more planning for our officiants’ commutes, including Lady’s Island and Hunting Island. Those locations have a $50 travel fee. If our Hilton Head officiants are not available, you also have an option of having one of our Savannah team members come out and pay their $50 travel fee.

We’re so glad that you want to work with us! Please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll go from there! We will check availability with our team and answer any other questions you have,

Your date and time will be locked in once you provide a 50% retainer and sign your contract. We accept every major credit card. Your balance is due 7 days before ceremony and can also be paid online, though you can make arrangements to pay the balance with cash. 

Because we turn away potential customers for your date once we book you, and begin work immediately on preparations for your event, retainers are non-refundable if you cancel your package with us.

Still have unanswered questions? Don’t forget to visit our list of non-location specific FAQs, too.

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