Congratulations on deciding to begin the next chapter of your life together … and letting me help you say I do!

You will find much of the information you need to make a decision about hiring me as your secular or non-denominational wedding officiant on this page. I’m excited to talk with you and provide any additional details you might need to help you make a decision.

My goal at Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements is to help a diverse group of couples by helping you feel relaxed about your wedding or elopement, focus on what’s important about your commitment to each other, and celebrate the way you want.

Your special day should be stress-free and full of personal joy, love and memories for you, your partner, and everyone you want to share it with! 

If you’d like to know more about me, officiant Tracy Brisson, please check out my bio page. You can also view my growing testimonials page for reviews from couples I’ve worked with previously.

Important notes on general terms and conditions, including logistical information such as payment and scheduling, follow the package descriptions.

Wedding & Elopement Ceremony Package Overview

I have three groups of packages: Ceremony Only, Ceremony Plus Photos, and my Simple Signing Service.

My services are priced differently depending on whether you are booking your wedding during the week or on a weekend (considered Friday after 5PM until Sunday).

All packages include a service that meets the legal requirements needed to be married in the state of Georgia or South Carolina, guidance on obtaining a marriage license, completion of the legal paperwork, and unlimited email consultations with Tracy and her team.

Ceremony Only Packages



Forsyth Park Wedding, Fall 2016

Tracy’s Choice Package

Weekend  Weekday
$195 $145

The Tracy’s Choice package is perfect if you’re having a simple ceremony and are happy leaving the content up to us. Feel free to review our ceremony examples to see if you like my writing style & thoughts on marriage.

  • A pre-written ceremony chosen by Tracy based on your spiritual preferences

* Tracy’s Choice does not come with final approval of the script and does not include personalized vows, requested readings, or rituals such as the sand or handfasting ceremonies. This package is also limited to events with 50 or fewer guests.

Greenwich Park Wedding, Fall 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure Package

Weekend  Weekday
$275 $225

The Choose Your Own Adventure package allows you to participate in the ceremony creation process by sharing your ideas on how to make it meaningful and authentic to your experience, but keep the process easy & simple.

  • A customized ceremony based on your submission of a questionnaire about your preferences, including requests for themes, special vows, rituals, and readings
  • An optional 15 minute video or phone review of the ceremony and your questions the last week before your wedding date
  • Final approval of the ceremony script

  • If you have a strong idea of the type of wedding you would like, you can also use this package to engage my guidance and consulting to review and edit any ceremony you have already drafted.

Create Your Story Package

Weekend Weekday
$350 $300

Through the Create Your Story package, I will take the lead to help you make decisions about your ceremony, develop a more personal relationship through our consulting session, and keep everything organized & stress free for you.

  • A one-hour pre-ceremony consultation with you, in person or via video, to review your ceremony preferences, plan your ceremony from how you enter to how you exit, and make collaborative decisions about your ceremony content
  • Research on all of your ideas and proposals for tailored readings, rituals and vows
  • A personalized wedding ceremony crafted from the consultation
  • Final approval of the ceremony script

The “All In” Ceremony Package

Weekend  Weekday
$500 $425

With the All In package, I use my expertise to help you design a specific & personalized ceremony experience and provide extra support, especially for couples planning destination events, so that you can enjoy your day. 

  • Up to two one-hour pre-ceremony consultations with you, in person or via video, to learn more about you, review your ceremony preferences, and make collaborative decisions about ceremony content, as well as plan ceremony venue logistics, if needed
  • Research on all of your ideas and proposals for tailored readings, rituals and vows
  • A personalized wedding ceremony crafted from the consultation
  • Final approval over the ceremony script
  • Any necessary in-person or phone consultations with your Savannah venue about your ceremony preferences for destination couples
  • Rehearsal attendance and coordination, including a written schedule of the ceremony portion of the day (if requested)

Ceremony Plus Photo Packages


Our three Ceremony Plus Photography packages include our ceremony services as described above, as well as photography provided by Megan Jones of It’s Megan Jones Photography. The Popup Elopement Package and the Savannah Elopement Experience are true elopement packages and are limited to six or fewer guests. We can accommodate up to 30 guests with the Intimate Destination Wedding Package.

When you book a package with us, you will be working with an experienced officiant + photographer team, as well as a dedicated Client Concierge. We all know the ins and outs of elopements, and Savannah, and are focused on making your day as special and enjoyable as possible!

You can also read more about our signature elopement package, the Savannah Elopement Experience, as well as review our frequently asked questions. 

The Popup Elopement Package

Weekend  Weekday
$595 $495
    • The Tracy’s Choice ceremony package (a pre-written ceremony based on your spiritual preferences)
    • Photographs of the ceremony and couple portraits in the same location
    • An online digital gallery of 40-50 professionally edited photos that you can use to view, share, download, and print your pictures from within a week of your ceremony

*You can upgrade to include a more customized ceremony with the Popup Elopement Package for $40.

The Savannah Elopement Experience

Weekend  Weekday
$995 $895
Most popular package
  • The Choose Your Own Adventure ceremony package (a ceremony customized based on an extensive questionnaire, and includes any requested special vows, rituals, and readings, and final approval of the ceremony script)
  • One hour of photography, including photographs of the ceremony and a newlywed photo shoot among the beautiful trees, squares, and landmarks of downtown Savannah
  • An online digital gallery of 90-100 professionally edited photos that you can use to view, share, download, and print your pictures from within two weeks of your ceremony
  • Complimentary champagne and cupcakes for your newlywed walk
  • A Client Concierge to take care of your elopement to-do items like booking hair and makeup, arranging dinner reservations, ordering your bouquet, and many other related tasks
  • An optional extra hour of photography via pedicab as an add-on

The Intimate Destination Wedding Package

Weekend  Weekday
$1395 $1295
For up to 30 guests
  • Create Your Story ceremony package (customized ceremony,  including a one hour consultation)
  • Two hours of photography including photographs of the ceremony, family and guest photography, and a newlywed photo shoot among the beautiful trees, squares, and landmarks of downtown Savannah
  • An online digital gallery of 180-200 professionally edited photos that you can use to view, share, download, and print your pictures from within two weeks of your ceremony
  • Complimentary champagne and cupcakes for your newlywed walk
  • A dedicated Client Concierge to take care of your wedding to-do items like completing permit paperwork, booking hair and makeup, making reservations for your guest celebration, ordering your bouquet, and many other related tasks

  • If you are interested in this package, we recommend that you read our Intimate Destination Wedding Planning Guide which features how other couples have used this package, and provides cost averages per vendor and guest totals. 



Simple Signing Service- $75 on weekdays or $100 on Saturdays (limited availability)

I offer a marriage license signing service for couples who need to get married quickly and do not wish to have a formal ceremony called the Simple Signing Service. We’ll take care of the minimum necessary legal components so we can sign your marriage license in a relaxed and fun style.

Our Simple Signing Service package is performed at the Savannah Cozy Chapel. Here is a quick overview about this service.

  • No guests over 13 are allowed. 
  • You must have a valid marriage license that I can sign.
  • Signing Services must be booked at least 24 hours ahead and cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance.
  • Payment must be made in advance via our online system and is non-refundable. 

Couples who use the Simple Signing Service are eligible for a 10% discount on future officiating services.

You can schedule your Simple Signing Service online using our officiant calendar. Fill out the form at the end of our Simple Signing Service page, and the calendar will be sent to you.

Pulaski Square Wedding, Fall 2016

Frequently Asked Questions &

Important Notes About My Packages


Scheduling, Booking and Fees

How do I find out if you are available for our wedding date?

I try to keep our availability up to date here. I also work with amazing Partner Officiants who perform ceremonies and conduct Simple Signing Services when I am booked so chances are someone is available for your event, even if it is not me!

Please contact us with your date, time and package option, and we’ll go from there. Your date and time will be locked in once you provide a retainer and sign your contract.

Because we work with so many couples, I employ a Scheduling Manager & Client Concierge, Shannon, to make sure everyone gets timely responses. You will likely work with her through the booking process as you get your questions answered.

We know we want to work with you! How do we formally book and pay you?

Once you let us know that you’d like to move forward, Shannon will send you a new client email with a link to an order form, contract, and invoice and it is due back to us within three days. It’s an extremely simple process, so you can focus on more important things! 

A 50% retainer is required to book your ceremony. I accept every major credit card. Your balance is due the week of the ceremony and can be paid online or at the ceremony via cash or credit card. I do not accept checks.

Because we turn away potential customers for your date and time once we book you, retainers are non-refundable.  

How far in advance should we book your services?

Our most popular dates and times are usually booked out at least six months in advance. In 2017, we began turning away weddings for October in July. However, if you are flexible about an elopement, you can book us closer to your wedding date.

We take bookings up to a year in advance, or further in the future if you already have a contract with a venue. If you are planning to rent a square or park for your wedding, the City of Savannah will only rent it out a year in advance.

Do you offer any discounts?

I do, though I change them from time to time. I currently offer the following discounts. They cannot be combined.

  • 10% off all packages for couples who first book us for a Simple Signing Service and later hire us to officiate a ceremony.
  • 10% off all packages for active military members. I will honor the discount if you (1) are the bride or groom and contact me via an official military email address or (2) show me your active military ID before the ceremony.

Do you travel outside of the Savannah area to officiate weddings?

We do, frequently! I do charge an additional travel fee for ceremonies that take place on Tybee Island, St. Simon’s Island, and Jekyll Island, or in Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Statesboro, and Beaufort County (Hilton Head) in South Carolina. Other locations in Chatham County do not require a travel fee. I will also travel out-of-state and to other locations in Georgia. Contact me for customized travel estimates.

Travel Fees
Tybee Island and Richmond Hill Beaufort County Hinesville and Statesboro St. Simons and Jekyll Islands
$20 $30 $50 $60

What other costs should I think about as I plan my wedding ceremony with you?

I have a number of optional add-on services that you may be interested in, also. If you would like me to attend a rehearsal, the fee is $75. I can also run the rehearsal for that fee if you’d like. I also write my ceremonies with notes so someone can play my part at a rehearsal, if needed. We can give you advice on whether we recommend a rehearsal for your event. The All In package includes the rehearsal fee. 

We also offer other add-on services for our Ceremony Plus Photo packages, including an extra hour of photography ($350), and a concierge service ($75) for Popup Elopement Package customers where we can help you with all your elopement tasks such as arranging dinner reservations, making other appointments or placing orders. The concierge service is included in the Savannah Elopement Experience and Intimate Destination Wedding packages.

I have reviewed your information and am curious: how do you determine your prices?

That is a great question! If you do not work in the wedding industry, you may think that an officiant’s main job is to show up on a Saturday and read a ceremony for 20 minutes or less. In reality, the performance part of the job is usually the least time intensive of all the work I do for my clients.

Most of my work is spent in writing your ceremony and preparing for your day, as well as answering questions leading up to your ceremony. Compared to other officiants, I also spend a fair amount of money on technology, and a team of people beyond myself, which is reflected in our prices. I want to make sure that your inquiries and emails are answered in a timely manner and you have all of the information you need to plan the perfect wedding in Savannah, whether it is a Saturday or another day of the week.

I have questions about the services included in your Ceremony Plus Photos packages, including the concierge and photography services. Where can I find more information about those packages? Can we customize the amount of photography or eliminate the concierge option?

You can visit our elopement packages page for more information on these options. If you are interested in the Intimate Destination Weddings package, I recommend reviewing our planning guide.

Each of our Ceremony Plus Photos packages have specific guest limits and services included by design, based on our work with hundreds of couples, and families and knowing what it takes to have a successful event. We do have options to add an extra hour of photography, but not offer less.

Whether you choose to use our Client Concierge services or not, it is still included in our package prices. Even though some clients do not think they will need the concierge services, almost 100% do use them.

If you are not interested in a bundled services package, you can always book us for your officiating needs with a Ceremony Only package and get a custom quote from a photographer.

Ceremony Information

Where do you perform your weddings? How many guests that can attend?

We perform my ceremonies in the location of your choice. Clients are responsible for choosing their location and securing permits if required.

I have a guide to squares, parks, and other wedding and elopement locations in Savannah. The guide includes instructions on securing permits, if needed.

I also own the Savannah Cozy Chapel, an inside venue for very small, intimate weddings with limited seating (20 or fewer guests).

With the exception of the Tracy’s Choice package (50 or fewer guests), there is no limit on guests for your ceremony unless you are purchasing a Ceremony Plus Photos package. Limits on guests for Ceremony Only packages are only constrained by the location or venue you choose.

If you are planning a large wedding and need planning assistance, I am happy to refer you to my favorite wedding planners and vendors.

What kind of wedding ceremonies do you perform? What information do you use to create your ceremonies?

My favorite part of my job is the diversity of the couples that I am privileged to work with. About 70% of couples choose one of my custom ceremony packages, which could include personal touches, rituals, or special vows, and about 30% choose my Tracy’s Choice package which includes a pre-written ceremony of my choice.

About 50% of my couples request a non-denominational ceremony and about 50% request a non-religious ceremony. I believe in modern marriage and my ceremony content reflects that by focusing on themes like romance, adventure, friendship and teamwork. I also love including pop-culture and literature references if they resonate with the couple.

To prepare your ceremony, I’ll take inspiration from an extensive questionnaire about your ceremony preferences, as well as notes taken in an in-person consultation if one is included in your package.

All my clients have access to a password protected Client Portal with ceremony planning tips, including exclusive tips on preparing personal vows and choosing rituals, collected from my experience. 

Can you explain what you mean by non-denominational wedding ceremonies? What won’t you include in a ceremony?

If you would like to include your spiritual beliefs in your wedding ceremony, I am happy to create a ceremony that calls in and includes God, or whoever you believe in, as part of your day. I believe it is my job to facilitate YOUR faith. That could include an opening prayer, a closing blessing or simply mentioning that we are in God’s presence.

While I shy away from complete, standard ceremonies that come from specific religions, I am also happy to include biblical quotes that you identify and weave them into the ceremony text. However, I do not write custom religious content for my ceremonies and do ask that any religious content provided to me is inclusive and optimistic in tone.

As for content I will not include, I stay away from messages that encourage the submission of a wife to her husband, including rituals and biblical quotes that emphasize that dynamic. I will also not use words like “obey” in a ceremony. As a woman who advocates for inclusive and gender balanced views of marriage, these are important values to me. 

I can’t decide on a package! Any advice?

Absolutely! Let us know which packages you are considering when you send in your inquiry and we can definitely give you guidance. I would ask myself these questions, also, and give us with your answers, which can help us provide suggestions.

  • How important is the ceremony content to me? Do I have personal touches that I want to contribute?
  • How personal of a touch do I want from my officiant? Is it important that I meet with her- and when and how often- in the process?
  • If I am planning a destination wedding in Savannah, how much time do I personally have to spend on planning the ceremony?

I am looking for someone who can conduct our wedding in Spanish. Can you do that?

I can conduct wedding ceremonies in Spanish. I am not 100% bilingual, but after schooling, I am proficient in reading and speaking the language and I can read with the correct pronunciations.

Here is what I offer/require for dual-language ceremonies.

  • I can have any ceremony piece professionally translated. That is included in any package except for Tracy’s Choice and the Popup Elopement Package.
  • I do have a general rule that any ceremony piece I say in Spanish, I also say in English. It is not hard and fast, except for the vows which are the legal part, but this makes me more comfortable.
  • As I am not 100% fluent, I keep all of my conversations with clients and family members in English outside the performance of the ceremony.
  • A dual language ceremony is not included as part of Tracy’s Choice Package or the Popup Elopement Package.

Are you supporter of same-sex marriage? This is very important to us.

I am an advocate for marriage equality and I am excited to help honor your commitment or that of your friends. When same-sex marriage became legal in Georgia in 2015, I threw a celebration in Forsyth Park that was covered by the local media and even appeared on the national edition of NPR’s All Things Considered!

Do you perform vow renewals or commitment ceremonies? What if we are already legally married?

I also love doing vow renewals and commitment ceremonies! I’d be very happy to help you create a ceremony that reflects your relationship. All of my packages can be applied to a vow renewal or commitment ceremony. If you were legally married before your ceremony, that is okay too, even if no one knows except me.

Marriage Licenses

What do we need to do to be legally married? What parts do you take care of as the officiant?

Obtaining a marriage license is very different in every state. In Georgia, you must obtain a valid marriage license on your own prior to the ceremony by applying together at the courthouse with your government ID, and if you have been married before, a certified copy of your divorce decree. In Georgia, and specifically our county, Chatham, this is relatively easy. You can get your marriage license the same day as your ceremony, or years in advance as they never expire.

After the ceremony, I will sign your marriage license. In Georgia, only the officiant signs the marriage license and there are no witnesses required.

If you are a permanent resident of the state and using a marriage license from another county in Georgia, I will return the marriage license back to you after the ceremony. If you are using a Chatham County license, filing your marriage license with the courthouse after the ceremony is free, but you may not receive your certified copy for 3-6 weeks after your ceremony through their mail service. If you need your certified marriage certificate sooner, and cannot file it in person, you can elect to have me file it for you at the courthouse and then express ship the certified copy of your marriage certificate within one week for an additional fee of $40.

Do you marry couples from other countries? What is required?

Yes! I have married many international couples, including those who have visited Savannah from Canada, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, Nigeria, and Australia, among others. You will need the same documents to apply for a marriage license- a government ID and a certified copy of your divorce decree, if you have been married before.

If you are in a country governed by the Apostille Convention, you will need to take an extra step to have your marriage certificate notarized and receive an Apostille certificate, which is usually easy.

Book your service or send me your questions!

Thanks for reviewing my packages! If you fill out this form, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.