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Meet Aimee Dostie, Partner Wedding Officiant!

For the last few months, Aimee Dostie has been working with me on Fridays to conduct Simple Signing Services as I am often booked with wedding ceremonies. She has married 20 couples so far and I think it’s time y’all get to know her a bit more.

Aimee moved to Savannah, GA from Maine (another New Englander!) and when she is not officiating weddings, is a licensed real estate agent.  Since her arrival several years ago, she has fallen in love with Savannah’s rich culture and ‘big town, small community’ charm. In her spare time, Aimee is an avid sailor and dog lover, exposing her to some of Savannah’s beautiful natural resources and green space.

Here are some questions I asked her and how she answered them.

What made you want to officiate marriages?

So pretty much, I never thought this was actually a job and serendipitously fell into this after you asked me. I never knew it would be something that I enjoy so much!

What has surprised you the most about officiating?

Listening to people’s origin stories of how two very different people come together and decide that this is my person has taught me a lot. Whether it be couples that have been together for a long time or couples where life and kids have simply gotten in the way, each story is really special.

You work with a lot of families with your real estate business. How has wedding officiating made you better at working with them?

In relation to real estate, I think families- whatever their make up is- are incredibly important in building neighborhoods into communities and networks of people working toward a common goal. I find that understanding the diverse nature of the family unit is key in starting the solid foundation upon which a community is based. Being exposed to so many couples who have created unique family structures has been really informative to what I do.


Aimee conducts Signing Services on Fridays, as well as other dates when I am unavailable. She is great and you’ll be lucky if you get to work with her!