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Can you explain what you mean by spiritual wedding ceremonies? What won’t you include in a ceremony?

I work with couples of all faiths, whether they identify as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Pagan, Humanist, an atheist, or something else. If you would like to include your spiritual beliefs in your wedding ceremony, I am happy to create a ceremony that calls in and includes God, or whoever you believe in. That could include an opening prayer, a closing blessing or simply mentioning that we are in God’s presence.

While I shy away from complete, standard ceremonies that come from specific religions, I am also happy to include biblical quotes that you identify, and weave them into the ceremony text. However, I do not write custom religious content for my ceremonies and do ask that any religious content provided to me is inclusive and optimistic in tone. I do not replicate ceremonies you might hear in a church since you are not choosing to get married in a church.

As for content I will not include, I stay away from messages that encourage the submission of a wife to her husband, including rituals and biblical quotes that emphasize that dynamic. I will also not use words like “obey” in a ceremony.