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I can’t decide between the Popup Elopement Package or Savannah Elopement Experience. Do you have any advice for me?

We do! The Savannah Elopement Experience is slightly more popular, but the Popup Elopement Package is also booked quite frequently. While you will pick the best choice for you, here are some trends we know after six years of helping couples elope.

  • Our Popup Elopement couples tend to book 30 to 60 days before their wedding and eloping is part of other plans to travel to Savannah. Most dress up, similar to how they would dress to attend a fancy party, but are not wearing formal wedding clothes.
  • Our Savannah Elopement Experience couples tend to book further from their date and are wearing more formal outfits. They have decided they want to elope somewhere interesting and then settle on Savannah.
  • Usually, the guest total is not a factor in our clients’ final decision about which package to book. More than half of our Savannah Elopement Experience couples have no guests with them.


Again, these are trends and we have lots of couples who have been exceptions! We are happy to speak with you about what is best for you as part of your inquiry.