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I have reviewed your information and am curious … how do you determine your prices?

I’m a business nerd so I love this question! If you do not work in the wedding industry, you may think that an officiant’s main job is to show up on a Saturday and read a ceremony for a few minutes. In reality, the performance part of the job is usually the least time intensive of all the work I do for my clients.

Most of my time on any project is spent writing your ceremony and preparing for your day, as well as answering questions leading up to your ceremony. If you read our reviews, you can see that we are there every step of the way and it is not unheard of to exchange 60 emails with a client before I actually meet them in person! Compared to other officiants, I also spend a fair amount of money on technology and staff to make the process easy and seamless for you. This is my full time job and it shows in the level of service we provide.