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What qualifies you to be a professional wedding officiant in Georgia and South Carolina?

We are all ordained Reverends through the Universal Life Church (ULC) The ULC certification is recognized in 40 states, including Georgia and South Carolina.

The Universal Life Church believes that all people are naturally endowed with the right to control their own spiritual life and so do I. As an officiant, my job is to facilitate a wedding that reflects your faith, not mine. It is also an inclusive organization that advocated tirelessly for marriage equality over the last decade and that makes me proud to be a member. 

The Universal Life Church credential allows me to work with couples of all spiritual and cultural backgrounds, including those who identify as atheists or prefer a secular lifestyle. In Georgia, unlike other states, a Justice of the Peace is a magistrate judge who deals with court matters and not someone who oversees legal marriages. That makes Universal Life Church Reverends essential for couples in our region who want to marry outside the traditional church structure.

What really qualifies each of us to be your wedding officiant is our experiences from marrying 2,300+ couples, as well as those we gathered before we married the first one. I am focused on your needs as a couple. As a writer, I have tons of resources to pull from to reflect your desires in your ceremony, whether they are spiritual or modern in nature. As a trained coach, I can help you make decisions about your wedding and help you with any anxiety you may have leading up to your big day.