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Where do people have their ceremonies for the Intimate Destination Wedding package?

While many people use the parks & squares in downtown Savannah, we also frequent Bonaventure Cemetery, the Wormsloe Historic Site, Tybee Island, the Savannah Botanical Gardens, Oatland Island and even private homes in the downtown area. You can review stories of where previous couples planned their ceremonies with this package for ideas, too.

If you have more than 15 guests, you will need to reserve a space or obtain a permit, which we can help with once you are a client. The City of Savannah requires at least 90 days advance notice to reserve a square or park and are being stricter with the number of permits they issue due to COVID-19. Forsyth Park is usually reserved 6 months to a year in advance. Some spaces, such as Wormsloe and Bonaventure, require a permit even if it just the couple.

If you are adventurous, we can help you find a wonderful private venue and you will still be able to have photos all over the downtown area via pedicab.