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New Service Updates from Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements!

Hi y’all! I wanted to make you aware of some new and exciting changes to some of my services launching next week.

Introducing The Savannah Cozy Chapel

Savannah Cozy Chapel

I have a new, beautiful space to marry people in! Over the last two years, many people have asked me if I could offer a private space to do ceremonies and Signing Services. I am offering that new space to all of you beginning March 28th via the Savannah Cozy Chapel. The chapel, located in the Starland District, is a bright and airy studio with floor to ceiling windows that allow lots of natural sunlight. It also features a private outside balcony and a decorated wedding arch for the perfect background for your ceremony.

I will also be doing Signing Services that take place Monday through Thursday at the chapel as of Monday, March 28th, 2016. The price is also increasing to $75. In addition to the privacy I am able to offer, the good news is that I’ll be able to schedule these out further in advance and not just one week before your date. My assistant officiant, Aimee Dostie, will continue to conduct Signing Services on Fridays at Savannah Coffee Roasters for $60.

Savannah Elopement Experience Changes


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since we launched the Savannah Elopement Experience package. Megan Jones and I have been so busy working with couples, that we haven’t had a chance to update our marketing materials with all the amazing pictures we have as well as clarify a few details about what you can and can’t offer with the package. We think you’ll be pleased with the clearer guidelines as well as opportunities to use the Savannah Elopement Experience package for larger weddings.

In honor of the changes and updated marketing materials, we are going to have a one-day sale on any Savannah Elopement Experience that takes place on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Usually $775, we will be offering it for $625 if you book by March 31st. No other discounts apply. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule your package!

I Oppose Georgia’s Proposed Religious Freedom Laws

If you haven’t been following the news, you may not know that Georgia’s state legislature has passed some laws that promote discrimination against same-sex couples. It is currently on Governor Nathan Deal’s desk to be signed or vetoed. Both the NFL and Disney have said that they will not do business here if it is signed into law. Both Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy were filmed in our state making that a huge loss to our economy.

I have never been shy about taking a stand to discrimination and I was happy to meet with WJCL’s Arianna Pointdexter to share my views on the topic which is that it will hurt Savannah’s local tourism and wedding industry and not protect it. It aired on the 11PM news on March 22nd. The interview took place in the chapel so I am excited for you to see it. I have been recovering from a cold so excuse my scratchy throat, pale demeanor and semi-successful attempt at looking healthy.

… And a New Officiant!

I am regularly turning down 3-5 weddings a week because I am already booked for the same date and time that someone is requesting. Beginning April 1, I have a new officiant starting who will be able to work with more couples. Her name is Buffy Nelson and I’ll tell you more about her when she starts. In the meantime, her first wedding is already booked for April 8th and I hope some of you will get to work with her soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who supports the work I do. This weekend, I’ll be marrying my 300th couple. I couldn’t grow this way without your positive energy and I appreciate it.

Tracy Brisson, Founder of Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements


Meet Aimee Dostie, Partner Wedding Officiant!

For the last few months, Aimee Dostie has been working with me on Fridays to conduct Simple Signing Services as I am often booked with wedding ceremonies. She has married 20 couples so far and I think it’s time y’all get to know her a bit more.

Aimee moved to Savannah, GA from Maine (another New Englander!) and when she is not officiating weddings, is a licensed real estate agent.  Since her arrival several years ago, she has fallen in love with Savannah’s rich culture and ‘big town, small community’ charm. In her spare time, Aimee is an avid sailor and dog lover, exposing her to some of Savannah’s beautiful natural resources and green space.

Here are some questions I asked her and how she answered them.

What made you want to officiate marriages?

So pretty much, I never thought this was actually a job and serendipitously fell into this after you asked me. I never knew it would be something that I enjoy so much!

What has surprised you the most about officiating?

Listening to people’s origin stories of how two very different people come together and decide that this is my person has taught me a lot. Whether it be couples that have been together for a long time or couples where life and kids have simply gotten in the way, each story is really special.

You work with a lot of families with your real estate business. How has wedding officiating made you better at working with them?

In relation to real estate, I think families- whatever their make up is- are incredibly important in building neighborhoods into communities and networks of people working toward a common goal. I find that understanding the diverse nature of the family unit is key in starting the solid foundation upon which a community is based. Being exposed to so many couples who have created unique family structures has been really informative to what I do.


Aimee conducts Signing Services on Fridays, as well as other dates when I am unavailable. She is great and you’ll be lucky if you get to work with her!

Holiday Availability- Savannah Wedding Officiant

I am getting many requests for holiday weddings. The holidays are a magical time to get married in Savannah- the weather is still mild, but we still have a lot of holiday spirit!

I’d like to work with as many people as possible this holiday season, but do have some limitations. Here are days I will not be available for weddings. You can also check my availability page for other non-holiday dates in November and December.

  • In November, I will not be performing ceremonies on the day before Thanksgiving (November 25) or Thanksgiving Day (November 26).
  • In December, I will not be performing ceremonies after 6PM on Christmas Eve (December 24). I will be taking December 25-29 off and resuming ceremonies on December 30.
  • I will not be performing Signing Services on
    • November 25, 26, and 27
    • December 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 31
    • January 1st.
  • Weddings booked on December 24, 31 or January 1 will be charged at a weekend rate.

Happy holidays!

This is actually from Jacksonville Beach, where I spent Christmas last year. I love Christmas at the beach!
Savannah Wedding Officiant

Summer & Fall 2015 Availability Update!

It has been a wonderful and very busy summer here officiating weddings, including the 20 couples I’ve married this July. The fall season here in Savannah is very busy as locals and people from all over the world plan their weddings to take advantage of our unique mild temperatures and sunny skies. Before the season starts in earnest on Labor Day weekend, I will be taking some time off and traveling to some great beaches on the East Coast.

Savannah Wedding Officiant Availability
I have sunscreen and beaches on the brain.

If you are planning to work with me, here are updates on my availability from now until September 8th.

  • If you would like to book a Simple Signing Service, I will be doing them until Friday, July 24th and then resuming them from Monday, August 17 to Friday, August 21st. I will begin performing them on a regular schedule on Tuesday, September 8th. If you would like a Simple Signing Service before September 8th, please book your date by Friday, July 24th.
  • If you would like to book an August wedding or elopement, I will be performing those from August 10th to August 21st. All August clients must have their deposits and booking forms in to me by Friday, July 24th. 
  • If you are booking a wedding for the fall, winter, or spring 2016, I will be regularly checking email so please send me your inquiry. I have about 16 weddings booked for September and 10 booked for October, but only one weekend in each month that is completely booked with multiple weddings. I have booked three spring 2016 weddings just this week and the calendar will continue to fill up. Check my availability and contact me about your date!
  • Even though I will not be marrying people, I may post some new blog posts while I am traveling. It was one of my 2015 goals to write more and I am going to take advantage of my travels to do so.

My one year anniversary as a Savannah Wedding officiant will pass on August 3rd and when that day comes, I will have married just under 150 of y’all. I feel grateful every day to work with wonderful people like yourselves. Have a wonderful end of July!

Tracy Brisson, Founder of Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements

Wedding Officiating Availability for 2015- A Quick Update

Hi y’all! I hope everyone is staying warm this week, whether you live in the north and are dealing with the snow, or reside in the south and are experiencing crisp winds.

It’s not quite yet wedding season, but January 2015 has been a busy month (10 weddings!). I’ve also been working with brides who have booked many weekends throughout 2015 and even 2016. February is a bit slower and because of that, I’ll finally be taking my honeymoon during the first two weeks. I was married in March 2014 and we were finally ready to take advantage of some special time together during the last 60 days before our newlywed status expires. I’ll be away from February 2-11, but ready to take your calls and emails on the 12th!

2015 Savannah Weddings

I am updating my general availability on the Savannah Elopement Experience page. A weekend is open until a 50% deposit is received to confirm the date, but I’ve also indicated weekends with inquiries and seem popular. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about one of those weekends- it is just a sign that if you want the weekend, you should act fast and be ready to confirm a deposit.

I look forward to talking with more of you this spring!



Get married in South Carolina this weekend for free! #SCsaidYes


Congratulations to everyone impacted by marriage equality in South Carolina! I just saw this posted on the Southerners for the Freedom to Marry Facebook page.

sc freedom

(Thanks for all your hard work these last few months, Freedom to Marry!)

To mark the historic occasion, I am making myself available to marry people with valid marriage licenses in Beaufort County, South Carolina this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 21-22) free of charge. My only request is a picture and while I normally do not accept tips. I will accept gratuities for this weekend though not required. 

If you are looking for other wedding planning such as flowers, cake, etc., please check out a special weekend package from one of my partners, Yes. Love. Weddings.

Please note that there is a 24-hour waiting period required by the state of South Carolina. Here is the link to the Beaufort County marriage license requirements.

If I can help you get married on November 21st or 22nd, please contact me!

Download our free guide, 5 Coaching Exercises for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Reminder: Download my Wedding Vow Writing Guide

Hey y’all!

Our FancyHands contest ended last week– congrats to the winners!  Hopefully I’ll run another contest, but remember that you can still download my FREE vow writing guide, 5 Coaching Exercises for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows.

Download our free guide, 5 Coaching Exercises for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Grab my guide using the form below and we’ll send it to your inbox and send you periodic updates on specials and wedding and elopement advice.


And if you have any questions about vow writing after using the guide, or want to tell me how it helped, please send me a note. I love hearing from brides and grooms who want to create an authentic ceremony, whether you decide to use me as an officiant or not.


Tracy Brisson, Founder of Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements

Download our free guide, 5 Coaching Exercises for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Win a Free Fancy Hands Task to Plan Your Wedding!

To celebrate our launch, we will be giving 15 new newsletter subscribers a FREE Fancy Hand task request in July 2014!

Fancy Hands is a  U.S.-based web-based personal assistant service. Fancy Hand’s assistants will do “almost anything that doesn’t involve them getting up from their chairs.” That includes research, making phone calls, returning emails, arranging appointments and finding local services.

You can use a Fancy Hands task request to help with your wedding planning. They were extremely helpful with our own planning, including making appointments for hair and makeup, and calling all the local liquor stores and providing us a list of prices for sparkling wine. They’ve written a blog post with even more wedding planning tasks that they can do on your behalf.


 To enter, subscribe to our newsletter list by July 31, 2014. You’ll also receive a free copy of my guide, 5 Coaching Exercises for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows. In your confirmation email, you’ll receive a link to enter the contest. Winners will be drawn randomly on August 1st.

Download our free guide, 5 Coaching Exercises for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

You do not need to be planning a wedding nor live in Savannah to enter our contest and win a free Fancy Hands request. If you’d like to purchase a monthly Fancy Hands subscription, you can do so here.*

Good luck!

Tracy Brisson, Founder of Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements

*If you use this specific link and purchase a subscription, I will receive a discount on Fancy Hands services.