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The Diversity of Marriage

The Diversity of Marriage

Happy 2015! Congratulations to everyone who was engaged over the holidays and best wishes to everyone else who is seeking to bring more love into their life through the commitment of marriage, whether you are single or already married.

Over the holidays, many friends asked me questions about the couples I’ve married over the last six months. Everyone wants to know how they met, how old they were, and if I ever want to cry while performing a wedding ceremony (yes, all the time!).

Honestly, my biggest takeaway has been that there is no standard when it comes to a wedding ceremony and that all marriage is beautiful. I am lucky and grateful that people want me to take part in this important part of their lives.

I created this infographic with very unscientific statistics on the couples I’ve married to date. It shows the genuine diversity of who I work with a wedding officiant. I hope you find it as interesting and inspiring as I do. Every wedding is special, whether it is a simple or a large celebration.

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