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What is covered in the Intimate Destination Wedding Package and what is not?

We cover the ceremony preparation and delivery, assist you with selecting and contracting with vendors for other services, and provide two hours of photography and pedicabs to help you get to the best spots for photos in historic Savannah. The following are a list of tasks that we are often asked to help with, though not everyone books every service. You’ll pay each vendor for the service you book, meaning the actual services (the permit, the bouquet, etc.) are not included in our price.

  • Securing location permits (at the local price for squares and parks in Savannah)
  • Researching lodging
  • Making dinner reservations
  • Booking hair and makeup artists, musicians and videographers
  • Ordering flowers and cakes


We have a wedding planning guide that we encourage everyone to read as they think about their budget for their destination wedding.