Meaningful marriage ceremonies. Personalized, authentic and full of joy.

What kind of wedding ceremonies do you perform? What information do you use to create your ceremonies?

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding officiant- especially in a town that services couples from all of the world- is that I work with a very diverse group of couples who come from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. About 50% of couples choose a custom ceremony package, which could include personal touches, rituals, or special vows, and about 50% choose my Tracy’s Choice package which includes a pre-written ceremony from my personal library that I choose for your day.

To prepare your ceremony, I’ll take inspiration from an extensive questionnaire about your ceremony preferences, as well as notes taken during an in-person consultation if one is included in your package.

About 50% of my couples request a spiritual ceremony that mentions God in some way, and about 50% request a non-religious ceremony. I believe in modern marriage and my ceremony content reflects that by focusing on themes like romance, adventure, friendship and teamwork. I also love including pop-culture and literature references if they resonate with the couple. My Harry Potter inspired ceremony is the most visited page on my entire website!

All my clients have access to a password protected Client Portal with ceremony planning tips, including exclusive tips on preparing personal vows and choosing rituals and readings, collected from my experience.