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Why are only Partner Officiants available for my event?

In 2019, I (Tracy) officiated half of all of our 417 engagements based on my own goals for work and life balance, as well as when most events take place. Very often, we receive requests for different weddings that are happening at the same time (i.e., Saturday at 5PM) and it is not unheard for all of us to be working on a popular weekend!

In 2020, the business parts of what we do demanded more of my attention, including making sure we are delivering great client experiences, filling our schedule, managing changes in a pandemic, and expanding to new markets. Beginning 2021, I have taken a new role in Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements as Experience Creator which means I will personally officiate few weddings going forward.

The most important thing to focus on is that all of our Partner Officiants are awesome! When you are booked with a Partner Officiant, I still prepare all the scripts with the clients and Jennifer and I provide account management leading up to the day.