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Wedding Photo Fun with Cupcakes!

Wedding Photo Fun with Cupcakes!

As part of our Savannah Elopement Experience and Intimate Destination Wedding ‘ceremony plus photography’ packages, we offer cupcakes for you to enjoy as part of your post-ceremony newlywed photography tour among our historic squares. We’ve found that having a sweet treat together after the ceremony (and sometimes, paired with a glass of champagne) can make our couples relaxed and happy, which is exactly the vibe we are striving for with your Savannah elopement! They also make a great prop for photos, both sweet and silly.

As a summer treat, here are some of our favorite pictures of our couples enjoying their post-wedding ceremony cupcakes. We provide your cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes of Savannah because they are so tasty and easy to order for just for the two of you. The most requested flavor, is of course, Wedding Cake, but our favorite for photos is Confetti Fun.  

Photos by It’s Megan Jones Photography.

Savannah Elopement in Pulaski Square
Aly & Kris, May 2017
Wedding cucpakes
Amanda & Robert, March 2017

Cupcakes also lead to sweet wedding kisses. 

Wedding kiss in Savannah
Heidi & Rich, May 2017
Shiloh & Keith, June 2017
Pulaski square savannah wedding photography
Amanda & Timothy, May 2017

Jacob told us that he left all the details for their elopement to Katie, but insisted on picking the cupcake flavor himself!

Kate & Jacob, April 2017, Confetti Fun
Katie & Jacob, April 2017
Keisa & Sheldon, April 2017

Sara & Zach really got into posing and we loved it! How fun is their relationship?!?

Sara & Zach, June 2017
Sara & Zach, June 2017
David & Angel, February 2016

I love how the cupcake looks with her nails! 

Victoria & Matthew, February 2017, Strawberry Shortcake
Lacey & Aaron, June 2017
Kristen & Ben, September 2016
Lindsey & Ryan, January 2016
Maggie & Nathan, April 2017
Shannon & Michael, April 2017

Rob & Josh teased a cupcake smash… but held off on it. 

Rob & Josh, May 2016

However, our final featured couple, Stephanie & Paul, did the traditional cake/cupcake smash. To date, they have been the only ones who have gone through with it… and it was awesome!

Stephanie & Paul, November 2016
Stephanie & Paul, November 2016
Stephanie & Paul, November 2016
Stephanie & Paul, November 2016

How amazing and sweet were these photos!? We love our couples. 

One last note: We are happy to provide cupcakes for our two elopement packages, but we like our couples to consider these two thoughts in planning and filling out their questionnaire with their ceremony preferences.

One, is that because Savannah does get SO hot at times, there may be a chance of melting or icing sliding off that we can’t help. That can especially be the case in late spring and summer. Even if that happens, they will still be delicious!

Second, while the general idea of cupcakes probably sounds awesome when you are filling out your questionnaire for your package, if you don’t see yourself as the type to take pictures like these, or really don’t like sweets, you may want to pass on having them for your hour with us.

And on that note, after looking at all these pictures again, I am off to Gigi’s to get a cupcake of my own (my personal favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough)!


Until next time,

Tracy Brisson, Founder of Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements