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Frequently Asked Questions

(We have a more detailed list of frequently asked questions on our ceremony package page that we recommend reading, too.)

We’re so glad that you want to work with us! Please contact us with your date, time and package option, and we’ll go from there. Your date and time will be locked in once you provide a 50% retainer and sign your contract. I accept every major credit card. Your balance is due the week of the ceremony and can be paid online or at the ceremony via cash or credit card. I do not accept checks.

Because we turn away potential customers for your date and time once we book you, retainers are non-refundable.  

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Getting married in Savannah, GA is easy. Chatham County requires that both people getting married apply in person for a marriage license. However, there is no waiting period so you can get married the same day that you apply for your license. Read our detailed instructions on how to apply for a license, including where and what documents you need.

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I am a wedding officiant first, and offer these limited planning services in conjunction with our team’s Client Concierge, Jennifer. I offer them to compliment what I love to do, which is writing and performing ceremonies. I believe that the heart of the celebration is the ceremony and it makes sense to have wedding packages that are officiant-led.

As I have officiated more weddings, I have naturally become an advocate and champion for intimate, small celebrations of love. In fact, I am frequently quoted in the press about my passion, like in these pieces for NBC News, How Stuff Works, and Glamour.

That also means that if you want to work with us on one of these packages, you’ll need to use our officiating services. We do not plan ceremonies for other officiants, whether that is your pastor, father, or sister. Our hope is that having me as your wedding officiant makes you excited!

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The simplest answer is that once you invite more than a few close relatives or friends… you are really having a wedding and it needs more care than we can give for the prices we offer. As the wedding industry has changed, the term “elopement” has lost its original meaning, which is a quick and secret wedding. We appreciate that, but for us, an elopement has (1) fewer than 6 guests (so we can use any downtown location in Savannah without a permit), and (2) requires no setup or structures (decorations, chairs, etc.).

That being said … if you are interested in the Savannah Elopement Experience… but have 10 guests, contact us and we can discuss that with you.

We do not count guests under the age of 13 in our guest numbers.

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If you want to add more photography to the Savannah Elopement Experience or the Intimate Destination Wedding package, we can do that through our Adventure Hour add-on. We can also add ceremony customization or Client Concierge to the Popup Elopement Package.

Adding more photography to the Popup Elopement Package simply makes it the Savannah Elopement Experience.

If these package combinations don’t suit your needs, you can always hire all your vendors (officiant, photographer, planner, etc.) separately. Based on our years of experience, we know these combinations are the minimum level of photography and services needed to meet our promises. If you read our reviews, you’ll see our past clients agree!

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We cover the ceremony preparation and delivery, assist you with selecting and contracting with vendors for other services, and provide two hours of photography. The following are a list of tasks that we are often asked to help with, though not everyone books every service. You’ll pay each vendor for the service you book, meaning the actual services (the permit, the bouquet, etc.) are not included in our price.

  • Securing location permits (at the local price for squares and parks in Savannah)
  • Researching lodging
  • Making dinner reservations
  • Arranging carriages or pedicabs
  • Booking hair and makeup artists, musicians and videographers
  • Ordering flowers and cakes

We have a wedding planning guide that we encourage everyone to read as they think about their budget for their destination wedding.

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The list of tasks are similar to those for the Intimate Destination Wedding Package and are listed above!

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Anything you want, whether it is casual wear or formal bridal attire! Since we’ll be walking, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Savannah streets and sidewalks include cobblestone. We have a “style guide” that features outfits that other couples have worn. We have worked with over 400 couples so this is only a very small sample.

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Megan will choose the locations included in your newlywed walk, but we welcome your input. Savannah has 22 historic and gorgeous squares, including Whitfield Square and its gorgeous gazebo, as well as Forsyth Park. We also have Jones Street, named the most beautiful street in America by Southern Living, historical homes and monuments such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and landmarks mentioned in the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

If you have at least two hours of photographs and pedicabs, you can get even more beautiful locations as part of your experience. You can also look at photos of actual couples from their portrait sessions and newlywed walks in our galleries.

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Of course- we’d love to help you honor your special day, too!

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Absolutely! If you like the concept of the Savannah Elopement Experience, but want to get married on the beach at Tybee Island- just a short drive from historic Savannah- we can make that happen. We would have the ceremony on the beach and then take photos on the ocean as well as make use of the unique beach town sites. There is an additional $25 travel fee for weddings on Tybee Island.

We also offer these packages at Bonaventure Cemetery and the Wormsloe Historic Site. They have separate fees paid directly to those facilities.

We do not travel outside Chatham County for our Ceremony + Photography packages during the busy spring and fall seasons, but we do during the summer and winter. If you have another location in mind for those times of year, let us know!

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We cannot guarantee perfect weather for your date, but if it rains, we will have still have fun. You can check out how we’ve worked with rain in the past to make sure you enjoy your experience and leave with beautiful photos.

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  1. Make sure you and your partner are absolutely on the same page for what type of wedding ceremony and experience you’d like to have.
  2. Once you’ve chosen to elope or have a small ceremony, if you can avoid it, don’t tell anyone else who already doesn’t know or is invited until you are already married. Sometimes, friends or family members have strong opinions and can dampen your joy and excitement. As the two people being married, only you know best what will make you happy.
  3. Finally, the best part of eloping and small weddings is low stress. Let us help you with as many tasks as we can! Keeping the decor as simple as possible and using the natural beauty of Savannah as much as you can for your event will also help. 

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