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2015 Savannah Wedding Location Review, Part 3- Squares & Forsyth Park

2015 Savannah Wedding Location Review, Part 3- Squares & Forsyth Park

Here is Part 3 of my review of locations to be married in Savannah. Check for Part 1 on Orleans, Chatham, Johnson & Reynolds squares, and Morrell Park and Part 2 on Columbia, Troup, Whitefield, Crawford and Lafayette squares

Part 3 includes pictures from weddings I performed in Monterey & Madison squares and Forsyth Park.

Unless otherwise noted, the professional photographs are from It’s Megan Jones Photography. The collages are made of pictures I took with my phone and posted on Instagram. Reference material on how to have your wedding or elopement in a historic square Savannah is at the end of the post.

Monterey Square

Monterey Square features the famous Mercer House as featured in the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. It is a very busy square and might be best left for elopements and pictures. In addition to the Mercer House, it has many great historic buildings around it that make great settings for pictures.

Bill & Marie, May 2015

Monterey Square wedding in Savannah, GA

Wedding Pictures in Monterey Square

Jill & Gary, March 2015 

Jill and Gary took pictures in front of the buildings that circle Monterey Square as part of their Savannah Elopement Experience newlywed walk.

Savannah, GA wedding photography

Samantha & Vincent, October 2015

Elopement in Monterey Square
Instagram shot

Madison Square

I did not perform any weddings in Madison Square, but we used it as a setting for some of our Savannah Elopement Experience couples. The statue takes up much of the square.

Chad & Sheree, July 2015

Wedding picture in Madison Square, GA

Forsyth Park

I am not sure how to summarize Forsyth Park. In 2015, I married 30+ couples there! It is the most popular place to get married in Savannah, especially to elope. I could not feature all of the couples, but here are some highlights. Also, you can see pictures from our June 29 same-sex marriage celebration in a separate blog post.

Jill & Gary, March 2015 

forsyth park elopement

Olga & Alexander, July 2015

Forsyth Park family wedding

The following couples chose Forsyth Park as the location for their Popup Elopement Package.

Jan & Carlton, September 2015

Forsyth Park Fountain Wedding

Some friendly tourists stopped to applaud Jan & Carlton after they kissed and their reaction was priceless!

Forsyth Park Elopement

Marcus & Dennis, October 2015

Same-Sex marriage in Savannah, GA

Kristin & Noe, September 2015

Kristin & Noe’s weekday wedding day was rainy so we held the ceremony under the bandshell and took pictures in other parts of the park when the rain cleared.

Forsyth Park bandshell wedding

Spanish Moss Wedding Photography

Nikki & Candace, November 2015

Candace & Nikki also used other parts of the park to take pictures with their children. These two pictures were taken by Jana Butman Photography.

Wedding photography with children in Forsyth Park, GA

Forsyth Park wedding

Brittany & Andrew, New Year’s Eve 2015

New Year's Elopement in Savannah, GA

An international tour group witnessed Brittany and Andrew’s elopement and stopped to congratulate them.

Forsyth Park wedding, Savannah GA


Elopement photography in Savannah, GA

Elopements in Forsyth Park
Clockwise: Constance & Adrian, November 2015; Michelle & Quayland, New Year’s Eve, 2015; Karmen & Kitto, May 2015; Denise & Mark, July 2015; Dory & Sean, September 2015; Darrin & James, December 2015

Robert & Lanette, October 2015

Robert and Lanette could not wait to text their kids after their Forsyth Park elopement.

Forsyth Park romantic kiss


Susan & Kevin, October 2015

Susan had wanted to be married in Forsyth Park since she was a little girl and she finally got her wish.

Forsyth Park wedding


How to Have Your Wedding & Elopement In a Savannah Square

The City of Savannah’s regulations require you to reserve a square for an “exclusive event,” which means that other people cannot enjoy the square or watch you while you are being married. If it is just the two of you, you do not need a permit as long as you stay out of people’s way and are okay with the occasional tourist onlooker. If you have a handful of guests (16 or fewer) and your ceremony is on a weekday, you can likely also use one of the larger unpopulated squares if you are respectful of other people, you keep the pathways clear, and your ceremony is short and standing-only.

If you are planning a ceremony with guests, you need to reserve your square or park with the City of Savannah via the Leisure Services Bureau.  The cost ranges from $300-$600, depending on when your wedding is and whether you are a Savannah resident. We obtain the resident rate for our Intimate Destination Wedding Package clients.

Here are links to a map of the squares and information about each square’s history.

We are moving on from squares. Stay tuned for Part Four with a review of Greenwich Park in Bonaventure Cemetery and Tybee Island!